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ProaKtor On-Premesis Cloud Design

ProaKtor Design

ProaKtor is a Windows/Linux based software solution that provides Agile BI, Single View Applications, and Data Services. ProaKtor securely empowers visibility of structured and unstructured Data from multiple sources and data silos . In addition, ProaKtor is an all encompassing software solution that allows organizations to monitor incoming/outgoing data, data changes, apply SLAs to events/non-events and available resources.

ProaKtor can reside on-premises, in the cloud, eg. AWS and Azure, or a hybrid of the two. A hybrid solution would be where ProaKtor resides in the cloud, but actively monitors on-premises data events (and non-events).

ProaKtor provides multiple forms of interfacing: Browser, smart phone app, and APIs. Each form of interface is secure via SSL and authentication keys.

Implementation of ProaKtor is non-invasive and can integrate with ANY application/platform. Public facing APIs (and supplied Java JAR) enables developers to design around ProaKtor.

Highlights of ProaKtor

ProaKtively monitor servers/application
Improve trading partner scorecards
Promote self-service for data research

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