Application Availability Benefit

Track & Monitor Input/Output Files

ProaKtor LifeCycle Instance with Large Flatfile

Input/Output Support Overview

The input/output files such as flatfiles and XML are sometimes not accounted for in the processing of data. Wouldn't it be nice to know which transactions did not get processed or error'd? ProaKtor provides the functionality to track down a single transaction out of 1000+ transactions down to the individual transaction

Input Support Set-up

When a flatfile is consumed by ProaKtor and it contains 1+ transactions ProaKtor can read the designated meta tags for each specific transaction. When a successive related LifeCycle pulse is received, ProaKtor will match the related transactions.

Input/Output Support for Service Providers

ProaKtor can assist service providers that accept large (and small) files from their customers. With ProaKtor secure visibility, a customer can pass a file to a service provider of any size and view all individual transactions.