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Integrating Cleo Clarify

Cleo Clarify Business Process for ProaKtor

Integrating with Cleo Clarify Overview

Cleo Clarify offers great capabilities for users looking for any-to-any data transformations. ProaKtor enhances the Clarify experience as data sets, transformations, error notifications, and SLAs are brought together in one location. If there are non-Clarify processes occurring, ProaKtor can easily capture and will bring the like data sets to provide a cohesive view of data from 2 systems.

Integrating with Cleo Clarify Behind-the-Scenes

ProaKtor will capture all data payloads, including source/target context payloads. As part of the ProaKtor solution, a JAVA toolkit is provided. In the example (below) we have integrated the JAVA toolkit into the Clarify Business Process.

Cleo Clarify Business Process Task using JAVA toolkit for submission of Payloads and meta data
Clarify Business Process using JAVA Toolkit

Integrating with Cleo Clarify Example 1

An organizaion utilizes Cleo Clarify to send out 1000 EDI transactions in a single flat-file. ProaKtor is able to capture and track the originating outbound flatfile before it is read by the Clarify's Application Analysis Ruleset. Once the data is transformed into EDI, ProaKtor is able to check that all 1000 transactions are accounted for and sent. If a single transaction fails out of the 1000, the organization needs to know which transaction failed and the originating filename.

Integrating with Cleo Clarify Example 2

An organizaion uses a home grown system to send outbound XML data while using CLeo Clarify for EDI transactions. Both the XML and EDI data are similiar of nature and contain the same data values, but they are used at a different time of the cash flow process. At the moment there is no true way to easily marry them and show a cohesive bond between the data sets. Using ProaKtor's Pulse UI Wizard we can extract the meta tags to join the unlike documents and show them in a single timeline.