Engaging Internal/External Users

Maximize Customer Engagement in Governed Manner

ProaKtor Set-up New User as External Trading Partner screenshot

Maximize Customer Engagement

Working with trading partners to track down data can be very repetitious and take time away from more important tasks. ProaKtor provides organizations the ability to instantly create a customer facing portal to allow trading partners to view and consume pertinent data, in a governed fashion. ProaKtor's valuable feature can enhance customer engagement by allowing TPs to self-service their account and data.

User Set-up Overview

Setting up and configuring new users is very simple and allows for multiple levels of secure access. When users are set-up in ProaKtor certain restrictions can be applied in terms of access and data. As part of the set-up process, ProaKtor offers the ability to email the recipient a welcome email with their login credentials.

External Customer Set-up

Internal and external users can be restricted to the data they have access to, in addition to the method of access they have. In the example (below) a user can be allowed access via the ProaKtor smart phone app and/or eligible to receive notifications.

If organizations want to allow external customers/trading partners to set-up alerts, for their data, the Eligible for Notifications would be checked.

Configure Permissions of New ProaKtor User
Configure Permissions of New ProaKtor User