Real Life Examples

ProaKtor Benefits

ProaKtor Benefits

Integrating with Cleo Clarify™

ProaKtor provides users with the tools to interface with Cleo Clarify. ProaKtor will capture payload data, source/target context payloads, and error statuses. Supported data payloads are: EDI, flatfile, XML, and web services

Monitor Shipment Status Via Smart Phone

In the transportation industry, business users might need to monitor for certain shipment status exceptions. ProaKtor can bring this feature to the smart phone. End-users can set-up, maintain, and monitor for specific shipment statuses (EDI 214) with the ProaKtor smart phone app.

Create a Data Lake with Minimal Effort

Today Organizations are able to locate their data in one form or another but not in a structured/centralized location. Usually it is knowing which folder the data is located in and running a text scanning tool, to find the data.

Cleo Clarify Server Application Availability

Server availability does not necessarily translate to application availability. ProaKtor allows organization to monitor their internal/external applications/servers by checking port (service) availability.

Focused Error Notifications

In addition to providing notifications for expiring/expired SLAs, organizations are able to set-up focused error notifications for specific transactions, for specific trading partners with no programming.

Real Time Visibility

End-Users in ProaKtor can monitor data and processes real-time with the ProaKtor Dashboard. The dashboard provides auto-refreshing statistics between multiple systems and actual LifeCycles

Monitor Non-Events with SLAs

Suppose an organization expects a transaction to occur every 4 hours. Most applications cannot monitor for non-events, just events and error exceptions. ProaKtor helps address missing events with SLAs

SLA Blackout Windows

SLAs can be applied to almost all events and non-events. However, there are times we do not expect these events to occur, such as weekends and holidays.

Monitor/Track Data Inputs/Outputs

An organization might use flat files as their input and/or output as part of their data transformation process. These flat files can contain hundreds, or thousand of transactions. ProaKtor can consume these files and track the individual transactions

API Access to Payload and Meta Data

Using meta data ProaKtor provides a single location to locate/retrieve raw data via web browser, iOS app, or public facing APIs.

Engage Trading Partners and Enhance Relationships

Trading Partners needing information about receipt of their transactions or wanting to know if a reciprocating transaction was sent, can interface with ProaKtor. A good example would be with the EDI procurement process where trading partners are requesting receipt of inbound 810s (invoices).