SLAs for Everything

User Defined SLAs

ProaKtor SLA set-up screen - Creation of SLA and assignment of warning windows

SLA overview

Not everything happens when we expect it to occur and when processes occur out of sequence, business analysts, developers and IT staff are left trying to explain what happened. ProaKtor brings exceptions based on an occurrence or non-occurring to the forefront.

SLA Basics

One example is where we set-up an SLA to ensure an advanced shipping notice - ASN (EDI x12 856) is sent back within 24 hours of receipt of the purchase order (EDI x12 850). If we are closing in on the 24 hour deadline, and we are already 20 hours from receipt of the 850, ProaKtor will send a 'soft' notification to the customer support individual(s) to make sure the order has been shipped. After 23 hours has passed we will send another alert which would be the critical warning. When the process has been violated, ie 24 hours (1 day), an alert the IT staff and the customer service individuals.

SLA Advanced

Another situation might be end-of-month reports. If executives in an organization need a monthly sales report by noon, on the 1st of every month, and the program the creates this report is habitually delayed , ProaKtor can assist. Instead of a programmer watching his/her programs run, ProaKtor can make sure the programs run in the correct sequence and timely manner. If the process is delayed or errors, the programmer can receive a notification that the report might be delayed and/or force specific action.

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