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Search Across Multiple Data Formats

ProaKtor Expanded Search Capabilities Window

Searching for Multiple Data Formats Overview

Users have longed desired the capability to search for any type of data, regardless of format, in 1 location. ProaKtor offers expanded search capabilities to show original payload(s), meta data, and relevant LifeCycles. Once the results are retrieved users will also have the ability to save the results into a .CSV or .PDF file.

Google™ Search and Feel

With a Google™ search and feel, users are able to type in simple pieces of data such as purchase order number, invoice number, customer account number and all relevant results will be returned.

ProaKtor Google Like search and Feel to return results
Google™ like Search and Feel Capabilites

Save and Extract Results

Once the search results are returned, end-users have the ability to save the search results into CSV and PDF formats. This is a great tool when management needs to know specific transaction counts across a date range for specific trading partners.

ProaKtor Google Like search and Feel to return results
Save and Extract Results into CSV/PDF

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