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Real-Time Design Tools

Highlight/Select Meta Data UI in ProaKtor

Data Design Tool Background

ProaKtor's Real Time Design tools make trading partner on-boarding a simple and low impact process. By showing end-users a sample data set and allowing for highlighting of pertinent data, ProaKtor removes the need for time consuming tasks.

Data Design Tool Usage

When unknown data comes into ProaKtor for the 1st time, end-users have the ability to designate meta tags. The UI shows the payload(s) received and users can interactively highlight the data tags, ie: EDI elements, fields in flat files, XML elements. Once the tags are saved, ProaKtor smartly knows to capture these very same tags in the future.

The identification of tags allows ProaKtor to store data in a data lake for discovery at a later date and match on similar transactions, eg. EDI 850s, 855s, 810s, 856s.

In addition to identifying meta tags in the payload(s), ProaKtor give users the ability to capture/interface with the tags that are transmitted with (or without) payload data. These tags describe the payload data and help direct the data within ProaKtor. Some examples would be the source of the data, ie. sever name, error status, and trading partner name. In cases where an organization needs to monitor a process, and no payload data is involved, ProaKtor would be able to consume the very same tags including the name of a process.

In the example below, we are able to identify the EDI 850 REF02 value where REF01='AN'

EDI Meta tag location based on qualifier REF01
Identify Meta Tag Value Based on Qualifier

Being very flexible, ProaKtor provides users the ability to update these very same tags after-the-fact. As business situations/data sets change over time, our UI model allows users to re-visit/maintain meta tags.

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