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Monitor Server Status 24/7/365

ProaKtor Server Application Example

Server Status overview

There are times end-users come into the office only to find out a Windows/Linux application has seized operating. In these situations the server is still active and pings to the server are active, but the service/ports these applications utilize are not functioning. ProaKtor's Server Status feature will monitor and report if specific ports/services are no longer responding.

Server Status Basics

Cleo Clarify™ operates on port 8888 and there are times the server might run out of available resources. In this case ProaKtor's server status feature can monitor port 8888 and send smart phone alerts and/or emails if the Cleo Clarify™ application becomes non-responsive. In the example (below) we show how monitoring ports 8888 and 8880 are easily set-up.

ProaKtor Server Status Example of Cleo Clarify ports/services
ProaKtor Server Status Example

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