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ProaKtor LifeCycle with active pulses for Order to Cash cycle

LifeCycles overview

ProaKtor LifeCycles are at the heart of the overall process. A LifeCycle can consist of 1 or more pulses. A LifeCycle Pulse can represent a single data payload, multiple data payloads or a JSON string indicating a process has occurred. When users design the LifeCycle they set-up the pulse, identify the sequence of events (pulses), applicable SLAs, and any custom error monitoring.

Beginning LifeCycles

As mentioned, the heart of a LifeCycle is the pulse. ProaKtor's easy to use UI walks users thru the set-up of a pulse and how to easily tag specific data in the payload, to create meta data. In the example (below) we are using the ProaKtor Pulse Wizard to create the meta-tags to an inbound EDI 850 purchase order. There are no limits to the meta tags and the meta tags can also be passed to ProaKtor as part of the JSON submission.

ProaKtor Pulse Wizard example
ProaKtor Pulse Wizard Example

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