Increasing Customer Experience

Customer Facing Portal

Setting up users in ProaKtor

Customer/Trading Partner Facing Portal Background

Increasing customer/trading partner experience is essential for many organizations. ProaKtor provides the ability to increase user engagement by exposing specific data sets, to specific users in a governed fashion.

Via meta data, ProaKtor is able to discern between every document/message. ProaKtor provides organizations the ability to create ProaKtor user profiles for trading partners, internal users, and super users. These users have the ability to use ProaKtor's dashboard, widgets and only view data they are intended to view as seen above.

Setting up a Customer

Trading partners and internal/external customers are viewed as an additional users in ProaKtor with additional restrictions. When a new user is set-up in ProaKtor, ProaKtor will send an invitation with a username, password, and URL to access ProaKtor's website via email. Organizations may also configure ProaKtor to allow, or disallow, the same users to access the system via smart phone app.

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