Behind the Scenes

Why We Built ProaKtor

How we designed ProaKtor Data watch schematics

In 2017 Sean Hoppe and Mark Denchy got together to discuss the on-going issues organizations face as the B2B space expanded with more and more data requirements. Soon enough we came to coin the new term: D2C - Data to Confusion.

Sean and Mark determined there had to be an easier way to keep track of an organization's structured and unstructured data sets while matching like and similar transactions. With their backgrounds in EDI and any-to-any data transformation, Sean and Mark started to develop ProaKtor™. ProaKtor™ soon morphed into a solution that would allow organizations to track, store, and analyze any type of data format.

Today ProaKtor is assisting customers break the D2C (Data to Confusion) model, retake control of their systems, and provide for ecosystem interaction and monitoring.