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ProaKtor Dashboard App Screen

Smartly Designed

ProaKtor securely empowers visibily to your data and processes

Choose Where to Run

Use ProaKtor on-premise or in the cloud.

Real-time Design Tools

ProaKtor UI tools allows users to import data in any format.

Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer
  • ProaKtor iPad Dashboard screen
  • ProaKtor iPad Dashboard screen
  • ProaKtor iPad Dashboard screen
  • ProaKtor iPad Dashboard screen
  • ProaKtor iPhone Dashboard screen
  • ProaKtor iPhone Dashboard screen
  • ProaKtor iPhone Dashboard screen
  • ProaKtor iPhone Dashboard screen

What ProaKtor Offers

Enhancing Experiences and User Engagement

SLAs for Events and Non-Events

ProaKtor can monitor for events and non-events. Our early warning system can allow users to set-up soft alerts to upcoming events/non-events.

Public Facing APIs and Java Toolkit

Users and developrs can take advantage of public facing APIs to interface with ProaKtor and have access to their data.

Customized Data Watch

ProaKtor's Data Watch feature allows end-users to define what data sets need to be monitored. This feature can be configured from a browser or smartphone.

Mobile App Messaging

iOS and Droid users have interactive transparency via dashboard and real-time notifications

Always On

ProaKtor allows users to monitor unlimited number of servers/applications/processes at any given time. If a server or service becomes unavailable ProaKtor notifies immediately.

See more about server statuses

Many Benefits

ProaKtor is an add-on solution that is designed to be flexible to interface with any transformation solution. We highlight many Benefits for ProaKtor.

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Cloud, On-Prem, or Hybrid

Organizations are able to capture data/processes from the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both to allow for seemless reporting and data analysis between data silos and data sources..

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Define Meta Tags and Data

ProaKtor provides a UI wizard to allow users to define and store meta tag definitions. This eases the use for data on-boarding.

See more about UI
How we designed ProaKtor Data Watch specs

Why We Built

Little story of the development process

In 2017 Sean Hoppe and Mark Denchy got together to discuss the on-going issues organizations face as the B2B space expanded with more and more data requirements. Soon enough we came to coin the new term: D2C - Data to Confusion.

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  • Smart Phone App
  • Monitor 1 Server
  • Limited Support
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  • Smart Phone App
  • Monitor 5 servers
  • All Features
  • Phone/Email Support
  • 30 Day Free Trial
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  • Smart Phone App
  • Monitor 5 servers
  • Support for Individual Customers
  • Phone/Email Support